Nando Bartolotta was born and raised in Macomb County, Michigan. The son of European Immigrants, his father and mother worked tirelessly to raise and support two children through college. Growing up, the "old age" values of hard work, integrity and honesty were molded into their character. To this day, these values and the importance of family hold true.  Now, raising two children of his own, along with his wife of 23 years, these same values are instilled into their children.  Nando believes that hard work, honesty and strong family values are the foundation for a successful and happy life! For Nando, nothing is more fulfillig than sharing these values with his clients and helping them succeed in their real estate endeavors.


As an automotive engineer for nearly twenty years, Nando's true passion had always been real estate.  Any area, including new construction, remodeling, commercial and multifamily.    While working as an engineer, Nando also pursued his passion by building new homes. Several years ago, when the economy started to soften, he made the decision to pursue real estate full time. His time in the corporate environment, his detail oriented mind and his passion for real estate has laid a solid foundation for him to address your real estate needs.